Anne Carpenter’s November Book Review

TITLE: Life Skills for Teens with Autism: Life Skills That Help Autistic Teens Communicate Effectively, Stay Organized, Cope with Emotions, Manage Money, Self-Advocate, and Make Better Decisions (Kindle Edition)

AUTHOR: Godfrey, V.

SUBJECT AREA:  Autism-Adolescence-Life Skills

PUBLISHER: Independently Published (for both Kindle and Paperback Editions)


NUMBER OF PAGES (for Paperback Edition) 252

Being a teenager is tough, especially in this day and age, with social media and pressures to succeed in school and get into the best college or university, but being a teenager on the autism spectrum is a double-whammy, without a roadmap, so teens with ASD often struggle and flounder without supports. But V. Godfrey has come out with a nifty new book of skills that teens on the autism spectrum need to learn, in order to move forward in school and in a career and a relationship and parenting.

This is not your average little brochure, either; the scope is vast and comprehensive, covering the gamut from communication to executive functioning (that includes being organized and keeping impulses in check) to emotional regulation, self-advocacy, safety skills, managing money, job skills, decision-making, and everyday living skills.

Each chapter has a list of the skills that need to be learned, clearly described in detail and written in easy-to-understand language, so that the parent and teenager can work on a skill together. The author gives concrete information on what needs to be learned for that area of life, so that the reader can know what he or she needs to do.

I was impressed with the sheer volume and scope of the information the author presented, but I wish the book had been more carefully produced; I saw quite a few grammatical errors and some of the chapters were misaligned, so I wonder if the author had tried to rush it into publication.

These caveats aside, I would recommend this book for teens with ASD and their parents for the extremely useful information and the concrete skills that can be learned, but they need to be aware that there are some minor flaws. This however, does not take away from the sheer value of this little gem in terms of the necessary guidance that teens with ASD so badly need. This is one to keep an eye on…

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