Anne Carpenter’s March Book Review

TITLE: Life Coaching for Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Discovering Your True Potential (Kindle Edition)

AUTHOR: Hunt, Jacklyn, MA, ACAS, BCCS

SUBJECT AREA: Autism-Adulthood



NUMBER OF PAGES 178 (for Paperback Edition)


These days, it’s one thing to be an adorable little child with ASD, it’s another that child becomes an adult with autism who is often thrown into a complex and bewildering world without a life preserver handy. This is where a life coach can come in to help save the day and to guide the adult individual along a path toward fulfillment and success. Jacklyn Hunt, a certified autism life coach does just that and her new book, Life Coaching for Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Discovering Your True Potential.

This book presents a blueprint for successful adulthood with autism. The first part of the book is geared toward adults with autism with each chapter focusing on a life stage starting with the high school years, then advancing to higher education, seeking employment and finding a career path. Independent living, romantic relationships and marriage are also discussed.

Each chapter describes what skills are necessary for each stage of adulthood and how the ASD individual can work with each aspect of life in that stage. Tools such as having a planner and a written schedule of assignments for each college course so that papers can be turned in on time and tests can be taken successfully is suggested. The author spells these out in clear and precise detail and even though I think I’m managing fairly well, I found these chapters so helpful!

Part II is for the life coach. This section provides guidance for how the coach can help the individual, for example teaching skills for life in the real world, practicing conversational skills with the all-important back and forth of listening to the other person, then talking and then listening again, the importance of “small talk” and developing romantic relationships. This is important guidance to help life coaches work with an increasing adult ASD population that needs a road map to help guide their way.

Part III is for parents and professionals who are often confounded about how to help those with ASD but who often let overprotective instincts or lack of understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of autism get in the way. The author discusses what parents need to know about the autism spectrum and another chapter focuses on what professionals need to understand about ASD to better serve their clients. This is a brilliantly written book that is tailored not only to parents and therapists, social workers and life coaches but also for folks with autism themselves. This is nothing short of genius and I highly recommend this book!

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